The Bold Type – Friendship, Dating & Work

Hey my loves,

I love a good TV Show and especially when I can relate to it with real life. The Bold Type is the perfect show for every woman in her 20s and every post-grad college student. The show centers on three women – Jane, Kat and Sutton. Three friends working at a magazine called Scarlet. It focuses on their work life, their personal life and their dating life. The central focus of the show is their endless love for each other.

Recently Season 4 was made available on Amazon Prime in Germany and I could not wait to see it, I actually finished it within two days. The first season got me hooked but every season since we have some new troubles and fun activities these girls do. And I love that the show deals with problems such as how society presents and reflect female needs and want, and most importantly what young professionals have to face these days. Everything from cheating boyfriends, to working hard for a promotion, to love and miscarriages. It shows life how it is – raw and painful but also full of love and friendship. I personally thought that Suttons storyline in Season 4 was something I could personally relate to a lot, she knows what she wants and she goes after it and most importantly she is so honest about it – I admire honesty like that. Yes, she lost a lot and had to go through a lot, but I truly think that to live your best life you have to live out your truth and not someone else and Sutton does that.

Friendship is probably the topic I identify with the most. I always have been in a closer friendship group of three and I love the dynamic it gives to the friendship. No matter what you do or what you need your friends are there for you and the show displays that. In a matter of fact, they display it as I experience it every day – friends are family and that means even if you haven’t seen them in a while you can always, and I mean always, count on their support and love. I love that the girls support each other through everything but also are always honest when the other person does something that doesn’t align with their views (i.e. Kat “dating” the republican lady). It shows the viewers how it should be – as long as you there for each other and as long as you are honest to each other, everything will work itself out.

“You did not fail, my Jane. You just failed. Sometimes you’re going to fail. That is what it means to be a professional writer. Now go write something else.“

The Bold Type also deals with feminism, cancel culture, and racism. In my opinion some of the most important issues of our time. I love that they always include every side – both men and women, gay or straight, republican or democrat. They show each side of the problem. I love that. It’s informative in so many ways, but most of all it is supportive. And it makes you want to inform yourself even more – we love an education TV show over here.

“Keep bringing your passion, it’s how you’re going to make your mark.”

If you haven’t given the show a watch, do. You’re going to love it. While some of the articles Jane writes might be a little over the top, her approach is always real. And that’s what I take from the show: Be who you want to be and love yourself. But I also take with me that it’s okay to struggle and that your work life and personal life might not always link up with each other, but that you always have to celebrate each victory you have.

“Facing the truth is really important. Ultimately the truth always makes us stronger.“

It is also so interesting to see that while each of the characters are so different, I can identify with each. It is very rare that a show actually makes me feel like I could be friends with them or that I find characteristics in them that I see in myself. While I am very far away from being bold, this show gives me the courage to dare and to dream a little more.

You can watch The Bold Type on Amazon Prime: The Bold Type – Season 1 – Season 4

XoXo, Jasmin.

“There isn’t one right way. There are all kinds of love. There’s forbidden love, first love, there’s rekindled love, which can be amazing or terrible depending on whether you’re meant to be together, there’s complicated love, where you’re still trying to figure each other out, and then there’s unconditional love, which it sounds like you have.“

Miriam’s Stay Abroad in Boston – Storytime – Part Five

Providence, Rhode Island

On April 1, again with Katharina, I visited Providence, Rhode Island, for another fair, although this time it was a festival about the French language, and since I do not speak it I did not understand much of what was said. (I think the gist was that speaking French is important because it is important to know a second language, which I can of course wholeheartedly agree with.) The fair was fun nonetheless because it featured the performances of two bands which I did not know but enjoyed anyways.

On the way back to Massachusetts, we made a brief detour to take a stroll through Brown University, because, you know, when in Rome. Or, in this case, Providence.

Brown University, RIProvidence

Revere Beach

My favorite place in Massachusetts must have been Revere Beach. Simply because I love the ocean so much. It has to be paradise to be there in the summer. When I was there it was freezing cold, of course, but I loved it so much I still stayed there for hours, collecting sea shells and taking photos.

Revere Beach blue line stopme20160319_14465020160319_150658

New York

Near the end of my stay, a friend of mine from home, called Nadine, visited me for a couple of days, and she had the idea that we really, really NEEDED to go to New York City (Manhattan, to be specific), and even though I had not really felt the desire to see it before, I did agree that it would be pretty cool to be able to say that I have been to that place that is so ingrained in US pop culture. Thus we booked us some bus tickets and off we went.

The first place Nadine wanted to see was the Library, because some scenes of “The Day After Tomorrow” had been shot there. So, naturally, once we got there, the first thing we did was to find a telephone booth and re-enact the scene in which Jake Gyllenhaal’s character calls his father and almost drowns.

Next up was Times Square, where we were talked into taking photos with Iron Man (not the real one), several Elmos, Minions and Dora the Explorer. I thought it was nice, but of course it is a total tourist trap because those people do not tell you they expect a tip until after the photos have been taken and you would look like a total bastard not tipping them. It was cool, still, but really I would have liked to keep my money and not have those pictures now. But, oh well, you cannot change the past.

Then, of course, we walked through Central Park, where we ate our packed lunches and enjoyed the sun. It is a great place to visit, but I do not think I would want to live in Manhattan, because there are just too many people. They are EVERYWHERE. If you are not a fan of huge masses, I guess it is not for you; it was not for me, anyways. I enjoyed Cape Cod a lot more.

6th ave West 34th street20160321_13060620160321_14122520160321_145434Bryant Park next to libraryCentral Park 2Central Park 3East Riverpublic libraryTimes Square 2

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