Coloring My Hair Pink & Realizing Things

Hey my loves,

today it’s going to be a little bit of a personal blog entry. The last couple of weeks were tough for a number of reasons and I struggled very hard to upkeep a positive mindset. And while I was in this situation and feeling down a lot, I looked at a lot of different blogs and YouTube channels from other content creators and fellow bloggers who struggle too and it helped. It made me realize that I am not alone in this.

But who got me through it all were my amazing friends who were and still are there for me, even if that means just making me laugh and not talk about it. Sometimes that’s just right. So a huge shout out and thank you to my friends! I love you girls!

Now, you might notice that I never actually talk about any struggles or at least never go into detail and to be honest that is just because I feel like sharing my problems, my private problems, is not something I want to do on a broad platform. But I kind of feel like I want to change that, but in a dimension where I don’t go into my family problems. But rather my struggles with staying motivated and positive.

A couple of days ago I had one of my moods growing out of struggles that just became too much and I decided I needed a change. And that change was dip-dying my hair pink.


You might know the saying: A picture is worth a thousand words.

When I look at that picture I see a girl who struggled very hard the day before with all her emotions, a girl who had to put on makeup and get out of the house and pretend everything is okay the next one, because where she was going she couldn’t talk about her struggles.

But do you want to know what I also see?
I see a strong woman, who knows that she is stronger than the overwhelming feeling of pain. I see a strong woman, who puts a lot of people first and loves hard. And I see a woman, who is broken, but stands up every damn time.

I see a human with so many great friends, who are her family sometimes more than her actual one. And I see someone who at the end of the day knows that there is always something to live for, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Some days may be hard, some days may be great. That is just how life works.


If you are struggling, if you are having dark thoughts, if you feel like you are alone in this world, know this: You are not alone. You are loved. You are worthy.
Please make sure to talk to someone. Here are some sites:

13 Reasons Why Info & Telefonseelsorge

Talk to your friends, to your family or reach out to stranger. You will be surprised.

What I am trying to say is: With all the social media out there, with all the “happy lives” you see, with all the “happiness” around, you can easily think that it is just your life, that it is just you. But here’s the thing: Everyone has struggles. Some are worse, some are not. But everyone has their own struggles they bear every day. Just because social media says something else – better – portrays something else, know this:

A picture says a lot more than what you can see.
A picture is a moment of pretense.

Yes, some pictures aren’t that, but let’s be real, most of the pictures are. Just remember that is okay too. You don’t have to show everyone your pain, but you also do not have to hide it.


Now, I am going to sign off and spend the day reading for a term paper and trying not to procrastinate and Netflix instead.

I am very thankful for everyone here on this platform who follows and reads my blog! I hope you all have a wonderful day and spend it laughing!




Five Easy & Fast Hairstyles for Everyday

Hey my loves,

today I am sharing with you a couple of hairstyle ideas that are perfect for work, school (or Uni) or even for a night out. I had a friend helping out, you may know her, she has been guest writing here and there. It’s Miriam! I hope you enjoy this entry!

Fishtail Braid



Divide your hair into two sections. For this look you want your hair to be open underneath, so tuck that away while you are braiding the top half.

Divide the hair into two even sections. Take a thin strand of hair from either the right (or left) side and place to the other side incorporating it with that hair. You can either move across or underneath, it really depends on how you like it. Then repeat the same step with the left side. Make sure to always tug on the sides to tighten them. Keep alternating sides until you reach the end of the hair and secure with a hair tie.

Messy Bun – 3 Ways to wear



For Miriam’s first look just throw your hair up in a bun and secure it with a hair tie. For her second look divide the hair into two sections and throw the upper hair in a bun, leaving out the lower part of your hair. In my case, I left out my fringe and put the bun a bit higher to get a lifted effect. I find that the messier it looks the greater the result is.

Side Braid – 2 Options

3-3.JPG4-4.JPG12.JPG13.JPGFor the version you can see on my head: Part your hair. Then divide one strand of hair into three even sections, grab one of the outer sections and cross it over to the middle, then grab the outer section on the opposite side and pull it to the middle. Every time you go to cross one of the outer strands down to the middle, add a section of loose hair. Stop braiding as soon as you can hide the hair underneath the other in the back.

For Miriam’s version: Part your hair, then divide the hair on the side which you want to be braided into three even section. Grab one of the outer sections and cross it over to the middle, then grab the outer section on the opposite side and pull it to the middle. Every time you go to cross one of the outer strands down to the middle, add a section of loose hair. Stop braiding as soon as you can hide the hair underneath the other in the back.

Miley Bun’s or Princess Leia Hair


Divide your hair into two even sections and throw each side into a messy bun. That’s how simple it is! I left out my fringe but you could easily wear it like Miriam did.

Quick Curls for Everyday


For quick and easy curls you want to put your hair up in a very high sitting ponytail. Then just curl the part that’s hanging out, remember to alternate your curls (out- and inwards) and then just get rid of you hair tie, run with your fingers through your hair and maybe retouch some strands of hair (I did that around my face) and you’re left with super fast curls. Takes about 5 mins.

I hope you enjoyed today’s entry and if you did make sure to give it a thumbs up! I would really appreciate it!

I wish you all a wonderful day!

XoXo, Jasmin.