My 2019 Highlight Reel

Hey my loves,

Oh my god, 2019 is ending today. I cannot believe how quickly this year has passed. I noticed that the older I get the faster time passes. I wonder why that is…

But another new beginning means saying goodbye to a great 365 days of laughter, love, crying, good and bad days and so much more. And I for one am a sucker for a highlight reel. What about you?

So much happened this year, sometimes you don’t even realize how much can happen in twelve months until you look back. 2019 has been a year with a lot of highs and a lot of lows. But I feel like what would you learn from life without the lows, right? It’s how you deal with them. Now, let’s take a look at some of my 2019 highlights.

January to March

In the beginning of the year I took some much needed time away from social media, which I used to focus that time on myself and my needs. I went to a masters fair to see if I find a masters program which would suit me. I did, but that turned to something I will probably touch on some time in the new year.

I also managed to take an exam I have been dreading to do again. I was so anxious to fail it again, because a lot was resting on that one exam and I don’t do good in exams. Honestly, I can write one paper after the other or multiple ones at the same time, but one exam gives me so much anxiety. But, I PASSED.

I ticked something of my bucket list in March of 2019, which was to go to my homelands capital. I always wanted to go, because I feel like it’s something everyone should experience and I really wanted to see some of the historical sights. If you want to know more about my trip to Berlin, check out my blog post here.

April to June

The three months of April to June was focusing a lot of time and energy of writing my bachelor thesis. I wrote it while I still had to attend a lot of courses and working my part time job, so it was a struggle to say the least, but one that was so worth it. I also finished it a week or so earlier than I had to which gave me time to really proof read it and put some finishing touches on.

In June I also became an aunt for the second time to a beautiful boy, who is just the absolute cutest little human being you have ever seen.

July to September

Time to hand in my thesis. I will never forget how jittery, excited and full of fear I was while I handing in my thesis. One life changing moment right there. The wait for my grade was absolute hell, but in the end I was so happy to have passed and get my degree. Best years of my life, so far.

I needed a little vacation after my hell of a semester so I went to stay with my family in southern Germany. I had the best few days and felt really rejoiced when I got back. I also decided to re-do my entire apartment, because I felt like it was time for a change.

If you want to see my new apartment check out theses blog post:

My Office Makeover

My Living Room Makeover

October to December

I had a super fun photoshoot day with my best friend in October where we not only took some of my favorite pictures but also got to explore a side of Düsseldorf, which we have never been to. It was so much fun, sometimes just exploring makes me the happiest. To see some of the pictures, go check out my Instagram.

For my birthday this year I didn’t want to host a party, so instead I went to a theater piece. We saw a postmodern version of Hamlet which was phenomenal. It was so fun, exciting and full of life. We immediately decided that we had to see 1984 with the same musical director and actor as well.

I also went onto a really funny trip with my grandma and her mates. It was such a weird and funky day, because I was literally the youngest person on that trip, but honestly, I had a blast. And I love spending quality time with my granny.

2019 has been absolutely life changing. I am officially done with my Bachelor degree, I almost finished my apartment to the extend I want and I had lots of fun days with friends and family. I am grateful for all of my blessings and I cannot wait what the new decade will bring.

2020 is gonna be great.

I wish you all a wonderful day and a save and fun New Year’s Eve.

XoXo, Jasmin.

How to make the most of a cold day

Hey my loves,

Winter means a lot of things – cozy sweaters, time with your loved ones, festive music and so much more. But it’s also the season of cold, rainy and snowy days and sometimes you don’t want to get out on those days, because you rather stay inside.

But what could you do to brighten up those days? Well, let me tell you what I do.

Get into the comfiest clothes. Make some hot tea or cocoa.

Speed Cleaning

The first thing I like to do on those rainy days is to speed clean my apartment. I know, sounds not so fun, but honestly starting your day with a task like this will make you feel like you accomplished something that day. 

Hearty Breakfast or Brunch

After I like to make myself some hot coffee or tea, whatever I fancy that day and most likely will even spend a little more time on my breakfast. I’ve been loving oatmeal with a banana and cinnamon lately, so I will likely make that.

Spending quality time with friends

If I don’t have anything to do for the blog or Uni I like to call up friends and ask if they want to hang out, because let’s be honest watching a movie or cooking food with friends is just so much more fun. I love playing board games with my friends and am currently building an awesome collection of games.

Festive movies or TV shows

I put on a Christmas movie or a show I am currently watching. Recently I’ve been loving Somewhere Between and V Wars, really into both for some reason. Or Virgin River. But, if I am being honest I am just waiting for the next season of You. I freaking love that show. What are some of your favorite TV shows at the moment? Let me know. I’m always intrigued to try something new.

Self Care

If I have put something on I have already seen I most likely paint my nails or do some light brain storming or spend my time on Instagram. At some point or the other I get bored so I will switch up what I am doing, I love reading so I sometimes will read a couple of pages of the book I am reading. But, I also love doing an extended skin care routine. Check out my latest entries: My Skincare Routine and Best Beauty Buys in Winter

Baking and Cooking Comfort Food

I love baking, especially around Christmas time.

I’ve recently started a new thing on my Instagram called Monday Cravings where I share my favorite recipes. Check out my first two IGTVs for some inspiration for some great cookie recipes. @thedawnofinspiration

After baking and cooking I always end up on my couch watching a movie I haven’t yet seen. Sometimes, when I am not in the mood to watch anything, I just love to watch YouTube videos or learn to play the guitar.

What are some of your tips to make the most of a cold day? Let me know in the comments.

I wish you all a wonderful day.

XoXo, Jasmin.

Christmas Gift Guide

Hey my loves,

With Christmas just around the corner I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about some gift giving. I love Christmas so much, it’s just something about this season that feels so special and full of love. In today’s blog post I am going to talk about the best Christmas gifts for your friends, family and co-workers.

This year I decided to skip my annual Christmas Dinner with all of my friends and instead donate half the money I would have spent instead. I donated it to an organization of my choice. I also put a little bit of money aside for something that needs a little more saving. 

Gifts Under 20 Bucks

I believe that a gift has to come from the heart and does not need to be excessively expensive, but I am also a gift giver who always gives more than I have to. But, there are some great options out there for your loved ones that are under 20 bucks.

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster

This gift is perfect for any movie lover you might now and it’s super affordable, you could even get a nice frame for it and it would still be under 20 bucks.

Game of Phones

In this day and age we all have a phone on us, so why not make a game out of it. This is the perfect gift for one of your friends or your family. You can play it on the day of your gift giving and I know I am always a good sucker for a funny game. My other favorites are: What do you meme?, Cards Against Humanity or Pictionary.

Urban Map Glass

We all know at least one person who loves a good drink. This glass is perfect for those people. Not only can you pick a city they may have been to, but it’s also super cute to look at.

Nars – Gift Set

Christmas is the highlight for any beauty lover. The Nars – Softcore Afterglow Lip Balm and Blush gift set is just one of the many options you can get your makeup and skincare loving friends, family and co-workers.

Himalayan Salt Lamp

This lamp is perfect for anyone. It helps calm you down and is soothing. It also improves your sleep. And it’s really cute to look at.


I love giving books as presents. Whether it being a favorite of mine or a book they mentioned they wanted to read. Or just a simple notebook, where they can write down their thoughts. Here are some great book gift ideas:

Gifts over 20 Bucks

Sometimes you want to splurge a little bit on the people you care about. Here are some great gift ideas for you:

Echo Dot

I bought myself a couple on Black Friday and I just love them. The quality of the speaker is really good and it comes with some great features. Perfect for any tech obsessed person.


Sometimes people prefer to read on a Kindle, because it is lighter and easier to transport than a book. It especially great for people who are traveling a lot or a commute to work. It takes little to no space in any purse or backpack.

Essential Oil Diffuser – Humidifier

This one is so cute in its pineapple form. Perfect for anyone who loves to spice up their apartment and loves to use a humidifier.

Fujifilm – Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera

Perfect gift for anyone who loves to capture moments.

Other Gift Ideas

I also love giving things that cost little to no money at all. Whether it being a self-made voucher or baking some cookies. It’s the thought behind a gift not the gift itself that should matter. I also think a great way to gift a person is by donating money in their name to an organization they care about.

What are your gifting this year? Let me know in the comments. I would love to know.

I wish you all a wonderful day.

XoXo, Jasmin.

How I reorganized my life

Hey my loves,

y’all the past few months have been absolutely insane and when it was all over I was totally lost. Not in the sense of what I wanted to do, but more like I felt my life was in so many pieces simply because my home felt extremely cluttered and left behind.

So not only did I decided to redo my apartment, but also clean out a lot of stuff. If you have missed my past entries I’ve written about my Living Room and Office Makeover. Check them out!

Now that everything is done I feel so calm and at peace. And all I did were 2 simple things. TWO! Can you believe it? Well, here’s what I did.


I decluttered my office area, my cellar, my kitchen and my wardrobe. I started by throwing out old College stuff I would never need anymore continued by a lot of papers that I will truly never look at. I then continued to just declutter all of the little office bits: I went through all of my pens and looked if they were still working and thrown the ones out that wouldn’t work.

I also put all my files in a pile so I could reorganize them later. I did the same thing with all of my College books which were laying all over my apartment. In my cellar I declutter all of the things I hold on to thinking I might need them one day, after three years I haven’t so they ended up in the trash. My kitchen was another decluttering task: I threw out and gave away some of my things that I never needed and also decluttered my pantry.

I then proceeded with my wardrobes. I had so many clothes I wasn’t even wearing or weren’t even fitting me anymore. I ended up with two and half bags of clothes that I gave to a friend who went through it and gave the rest to charity. One whole bag was trash, which I still can’t believe what my mindset there was, but well, it happened. I got rid of it. So nevermind?! Haha. xD


After decluttering I needed to organize all my stuff. I started off with organizing all of my files and the stuff I actually kept from College. I put them in folders where I labeled each thing as well as put them in my new office space. I then reorganized my book shelves and sorted them in categories and then again within these categories I sorted them alphabetically after author names (yeah, I know, I’m a little crazy).

I also reorganized my entire bathroom. For that I bought some dividers for my drawers, as well as a makeup storage from IKEA. I also reorganized my entire kitchen with the help of my auntie and some bits from IKEA. I bought several of the white boxes to organize my pantry, as well as some plate dividers.

I’m so in love with how my place is looking right now and I feel super ready to start a new chapter in my life in October. I can’t wait for all the things that are up for me.

Also, some super exciting news: As of this week I am officially an Everyday Role Model for My Need to Live. If you guys love my post and are interested what I do over there, head over to where soon a blog post from myself will go live. And if you’re looking for amazing deals check out their main website:

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

XoXo, Jasmin.

My Office Makeover

Hey my loves,

a couple of days ago I talked about my living room makeover and there I mentioned that my office is now in the bedroom. I’ve created a little area in my bedroom to hold a small office, so that when I have people over and am in the midst of a paper or else I don’t have to worry about the mess. It’s also nice to have a area that is a designated office.

The Before

Unorganized & Messy

My bedroom was painted in a dark brown when I took it over and since I hated that color I decided to rip the wallpaper off and replace it with a dusty rose wallpaper, making one wall the focus since the other side is completely covered in my wardrobe.

Like I mentioned before, my office used to be in my living room and I did not have enough storage space. As you can see I only had a table top and one ALEX drawer from IKEA. So I always had everything out.

The space where my office is now used to be a makeup area, which was there for probably a month before the shelves fell off the wall. Then I bought a dark MALM drawer chest from IKEA, but never really used it.

As soon as I knew that I would create a little space for my office I was so sure that I would get rid of that dresser, but as it turns out I actually can put it to good use. It now resides in my hallway and functions as a storage unit for my scarves, extra socks, loungewear and extra bits.

Since I knew what I wanted for my office space I actually did not create a mood board. I knew I wanted a new table top and legs, because my old ones just used up too much space. I had these: Lerberg Legs (in white). I also knew that I needed some form of storage and room divider. And finally I knew I wanted black accents with office organizers, my office lamp was already black. I have the FORSA desk lamp. I also am pretty happy with my wallpaper so I definitely did not need to change anything major in the bedroom itself.

I also didn’t want to spend a whole lot of money, so everything I got was from IKEA and it works perfectly with the things I already had. Which were the white ALEX chest of drawers, a black table desk lamp, two magazine collectors and storage bins for the KALLAX shelf.

The After

Here is everything I added and changed up:

I’m so excited to really use my office as soon as Uni starts again. I can’t wait to get back to the grind.

I wish you all a wonderful day!

XoXo, Jasmin.

My Living Room Makeover

Hey my loves,

I’ve been living on my own for over three years now and after I finished with my Bachelor thesis I decided that even though I will be a student for two more years, I do want an apartment that is more suited to my adult life. I also wanted a lot more color in my space as well as some much needed organization. So, right after my little holiday in the middle of July I started redoing my whole apartment – kicking it off with my living room.

The Before

Simplistic & Clean

I had a white canvas in 2016. I had white-ish floors and white walls, and I thought to myself, well I always wanted a grey wall. So I painted it grey (well, since I am horrible at painting, I had a little help here).

The couch I bought of Ebay for about 20 bucks. It was such a steal, because it’s condition was absolutely flawless and at that time a new couch just wasn’t in the budget.

I used some of my old IKEA furniture from my room like my ‘Billy bookcases‘ and a small coffee table.

I had to buy a new office desk since mine wasn’t in a good condition, I went with the IKEA ‘Linnmon Table Top‘ in white and paired it with the ‘Lerperg Legs‘ in white. I also had the classical ‘Alex Drawer Unit‘ in white to store all my office bits in.

I really wanted it to be as simplistic and clean as possible, but honestly I felt there was a lot of me and warmth to the room missing. But I really didn’t have the energy to change it around back then.

Now, when you’re redoing a room and you decide you want to invest in some quality pieces that you have for a long time it is necessary to really be sure of what style you want. As for myself, I knew that I wanted and needed a new couch and that I wanted to incorporate some more wood tones. I also wanted to fill the space where the office desk used to be. I decided to create a little office nook in my bedroom. I wanted my living room purely for living and entertaining. So I planned out what I wanted:

I also wanted to bring in some color and I was pretty set on finding a wallpaper that was an exact match:

Withered Rose

I love this color! It is one of my favorite colors and I think it is a beautiful warm color that makes every home feel so much more homey.

The Finished Result

I LOVE IT SO MUCH! It is so cozy.

Here is everything I added:

I hope this blog post gives you a good insight on how to transform your living room.

I wish you all a wonderful day!

XoXo, Jasmin.

My Late Summer Reading List

Hey my loves,

I haven’t read a book that had nothing to do with Uni work in FOREVER, like literally almost two freaking years. So, when I finally finished my Bachelor thesis and was completely free I promised myself to read at least three books. Well, I already read four and am currently in the midst of my 5th and have more lined up. I really want to finish them before I start with my masters degree.

I love reading criminal novels and thrillers, a combination of both even better. I thought I would share my summer reading list with you, even though it’s already to start to turn into fall over here (lol).

One of my favorite book series at the moment are the Robert Hunter books by Chris Carter. I just really like his writing style and the content is so gory and creepy – just SUPER GOOD. If you’re into thrillers these are the books to read – trust me.

Robert Hunter is a Detective at a Special Division of the LAPD and deals with serial killers. He works with his partner Detective Carlos Garcia on really bad cases. Each book deals with a different killer.

I’ve so far have read eight of the eleven books he has published about Robert Hunter and am currently reading the ninth. The first three I read back in 2016, so I had quite a pause before I started to read the others.

The Crucifix Killer

I’ve read ‘The Crucifix Killer‘ in 2016 and have been hooked ever since I just really enjoyed reading it, even though it is quite cruel.

The Executioner

I’ve read ‘The Executioner” right after the first one, I just couldn’t put the books down.

The Night Stalker

Again, read ‘The Night Stalker‘ right after I finished with ‘The Executioner’. Had to stop after this one, because Uni picked up a lot of extra work. But it was a real good read.

I really wanted to read more of the series back in 2016, but like I said Uni started to pick up with a lot more work and then my bad-remembering-stuff-brain got a hold of me (hahaha xD).

Since the beginning of September I’ve read four more of the Robert Hunter-Series, and I can’t put the books down. I absolutely just LOVE reading them.

So far I’ve read: ‘The Death Sculptor‘, ‘One by One‘, ‘An Evil Mind‘, which was incredibly tense to read, so far definitely my favorite, ‘I am Death‘ and currently I am reading ‘The Caller‘.

After that I’m planning on finishing the series with the last two books: ‘Gallery of the Dead‘ and ‘Hunting Evil‘. I am really excited to see what happens in those ones and am really eager to find out if there will be more books of the series.

I also picked out two books that have nothing to with this series, but honestly those might be read in December, but I thought I tell you about them either way.

Pretty Girls

I’ve read one or two books by Karin Slaughter before and really enjoy her style of writing as well as her way of looking inside a character, so I had to buy my Goodreads suggestions ‘Pretty Girls‘ straight away.

The Power

I was super intrigued by the small summary of ‘The Power’, I never read something like this and I can’t wait to read it.

Have you read any of the books I’ve mentioned? If you, what were your thoughts (BUT NO SPOILERS). If you want to go into more details DM on Instagram or Twitter, I’m always up for a good book discussion.

I wish you all a wonderful day.

XoXo, Jasmin.

What I have been up to…

Hey my loves,

the last six months have been the busiest months for me ever. Not only did I finish up my last semester, but I also wrote my bachelor thesis. And let me tell you it was a LOT of work. Like a LOT.

But I managed to do it all.

I thought I would give you a quick run up of what I have been up to the past five to six months, so you’ll understand why I did not have the time to blog.


While in April some of my blog posts still went up it was simply because I had written a lot in my spare time in March, so I had a couple of posts lined up in April. But as the month progressed I got busier and busier. In the first week of April my last semester started and with all the work. Easter Weekend I spent with my family and prepping my bachelor thesis. I also had a little photoshoot with one of my longest friend.


In May and June two out of the four weekends I spent at University since I was doing a seminar that was on Friday and Saturday. That also meant I only had Sundays to prepare for my Uni work load, which is basically why I did not manage to write at all. Uni came first. Additionally I fell ill in the first week of June so I could’t do anything for a whole week, which sucked majorly. And then it all got down to the last few weeks of my writing time for my thesis so that had PRIORITY. I also got my hair professionally colored and cut (loved the cut, but she literally fried my hair of so badly).


After I handed in my thesis on July 10th I went on a one week vacation to my family in southern Germany where I recharged and fueled up some good energy. Also, after looking some a apartments a week prior I ultimately decided that instead of moving I would renovate my current space (will do a blog post about it). Well, since then I’ve been redecorating, wallpapering and doing a whole lot of stuff with friends. Which is why y’all getting these entry in September.

What have you been up to the past months? Tell me in the comments. I would love to know.

I wish you all a wonderful day!

XoXo, Jasmin.

How to organize the perfect party

Hey my loves,

if you know me you know that I love planning and organizing parties of any kind. I just love to plan and also I love to hang out with my friends.

There are a lot of aspects to planning a party and it makes it so fun: Who do you want to invite? What do you want to do? Will it be a theme party? What food will you serve? All those fun questions. I thought to make it easier for you I would give you guys a step-by-step instruction on how to organize the perfect party.


Why are you trying to organize a party? What is the occasion? I always have two big parties in a year – that is my birthday and my Christmas dinner. But this year I also had another special party to add to my list – my graduation. So there it is, my why.

When do you want to throw your party? Well, I actually already did one and planning on doing another one as soon as I get my bachelor thesis grade. So the first time around I picked a weekend right after I handed in my thesis. For the second one I am planning something around the end of September. As soon as you set a date that works for yourself, you then get move on to the next too important questions: Where and Who?

Where do you want to hold your party? I keep it always simple and easy and do it at my place. It’s also a lot cheaper than renting out a place and I like to decorate and cook myself.

Who do you want to invite? For my graduation party I am doing something with my family and then again with my friends. I usually invite my closest friends and we usually end up being around 8 to 10 people. If you are thinking about inviting more than that remember to think about food and drink costs as well as enough seating space.


Now, it’s the first fun part: THE INVITATION.

I love a good invite and with the online invitations you get to have a lot of options for every special occasion you might have. It’s super easy to use and you can change every card to your liking. From the text to the font, from the background to the design you can choose and change whatever you want and you can do it all from your laptop. Look at design I played around for my second graduation party:

But that is just one of the many options you have, you should definitely check them out. If you’re also planning a graduation party they have a lot of very cute designs: Graduation Invitations

After you send out your invitations it’s time to plan for everything else.


What food do you want to serve? I always think about the situation: What suits the occasion of the party? For my birthday I always like to do more casual food like finger food plates or make-your own pizza. For my Christmas Dinner I always prepare everything, because I like to treat my friends. For my graduation party (the first time around) we had a BBQ and everyone brought some food to the party. While I supplied the salads and drinks, which were at this occasion just soft drinks. For games, since we were outside we played some badminton and volleyball. If we were inside we would play things like charades or do karaoke.

I hope that this helped you a little bit with your planning. I wish you all a wonderful day!

XoXo, Jasmin.

Where I’ve been…

Hey my loves,

a very long time no see, I know. The past six months have been absolutely insane. I don’t even know where to start but I guess I give you a brief recap of my last few months.

In the past months I have been finishing up my last courses of my Bachelor’s degree as well as writing my actual Bachelor thesis, while simultaneously working. It has been stressful to say the least, but I managed to do it all and I couldn’t be happier. I had so many things to do for Uni itself that I barely got to do anything besides it and the time I did have I have spent with my friends and my family.

As of October this month I will be a Master degree student and hopefully have a little more time on my hand to keep on posting blog posts for you guys. I have really missed this! I haven’t even been super active on Instagram especially after my Social Media detox in the beginning of the year, but honestly that’s totally fine with me. I have been posting pictures of my family vacation and here and there some random pictures so if you want go over to my Insta and check them out: @thedawnofinspiration

I will try to post one to two post per week and I currently have quite a long of list of ideas. But, as always, no promises here, life always finds a way. If you have any wishes for posts let me know I’m always open to write about what you would like to read.

I wish you all a wonderful day!

XoXo, Jasmin.