NYX Love Contours All Review

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long time no see again. I’m so sorry, but I have been busy with the move of my grandma and Uni started again, so I haven’t gotten around to writing. But today is different, I have a day off and completed everything I had to do for University so I can write for you guys guilt free.

lange nicht gesehen. Es tut mir echt leid, aber ich war so beschäftigt mit dem Umzug meiner Oma und Uni hatte ja auch wieder angefangen, deswegen bin ich nicht dazu gekommen einen Beitrag zu verfassen. Aber heute ist anders, ich habe heute frei und da ich alle Aufgaben für die Uni erledigt habe, kann ich ohne schlechtes Gewissen für euch schreiben.


I recently bought the NYX Love Contours All Eye and Face Sculpting Palette, and the KIKO Milano lipstick in 106 and I was able to play around with them little bit. And I have to say: I LOVE THIS PALETTE! And the lipstick is as always great too! The color pay off is amazing and the eyeshadows stay on all day, which I personally love since I’m usually in Uni all day.

Ich habe mir vor kurzem die NYX Love Contours All Eye and Face Sculpting Palette, und den Lippenstift NR. 106 von KIKO Milano, angeschafft und konnte nun endlich ein wenig damit rumspielen. Und ich muss euch sagen: ICH LIEBE DIESE PALETTE! Und der Lippenstift ist wie immer auch super! Die Intensität der Farben ist einfach der Hammer und die Lidschatten bleiben den ganzen Tag drauf, was mich persönlich immer begeistert, weil ich meistens den ganzen Tag in der Uni bin.


Ok, now a run down of everything that is in this palette: You’ve got two highlight shades, two contouring shades, nine eyeshadows and two eyebrow powders. And, as you can see in the picture, the shadows are a mix of matte and sparkly. Both of the contour shades are matte and that is amazing! I do have to say though that I liked the lighter highlight powder more, simply because I feel like I don’t have enough tan on.

Jetzt berichte ich euch mal was alles in der Palette ist: Die Palette hat zwei Highlighters, zwei Konturen Puder, neun Lidschatten und zwei Augenbrauen Töne. Und wie ihr im Bild sehen könnt sind die Lidschatten ein Mix aus matten und glitzernden Farben. Beide Konturentöne sind matt, was super ist! Ich muss allerdings sagen, dass mir persönlich, die hellere Highlight Farbe besser gefällt, aber das liegt wohl daran, dass ich noch etwas bleich bin. (Wo bleibt bitte der Sommer?)


All in all, I have to say that this palette was a great investment and that I absolutely adore it! I can only recommend it, especially if you are on the look out for a palette you can take on holiday with you! Here’s where you can buy it:




Zusammenfassend kann ich euch sagen, dass diese Palette eine gute Investition war, und dass ich sie absolut liebe! Ich kann sie euch nur empfehlen, besonders wenn ihr auf der Suche nach einem Produkt seid für euren Urlaub!


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Vampy Valentine’s Day Makeup Look

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in today’s video; I am showing you how I create a vampy makeup look that’s perfect for a night out on Valentine’s Day. I love me some good old smoky eye. Check out the video:


Products I used:

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January 2017 Favorites

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in today’s video I am showing you my January favorites of 2017. I can’t believe that the first month of this year is already over. How crazy is that?

But anyhow, here are my favorites:


And here are the ‘Puke Takes’ I mention:

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My Everyday Makeup Routine – January 2017

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in today’s video, I am showing you my everyday makeup I have been wearing this month. I hope you enjoy this video and if you do make sure to subscribe to my channel and give this video a big thumbs up. I would really appreciate it!


Products I’ve used:

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Golden Globes 2017 – Priyanka Chopra Makeup

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today I am coming at you with yet another Golden Globes inspired makeup look, this time it’s the beautiful and talented actress Priyanka Chopra. You might know her from the TV series “Quantico” or Bollywood movies.

I absolutely loved how her makeup combined the colors of her dress in it and that dark lip was just stunning. So here’s the video:



I also did some research and found the exact products her Makeup-Artist had used on Priyanka, so here they are:

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My Favorite Winter Eyeshadow Palettes

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last Monday I shared my favorite Winter red’s with you and today I am sharing my favorite Winter eyeshadow palettes. Check out my entry from last week:

My Favorite Red’s for Winter

But now onto my two favorite palettes. I love these two by NYX:


The one on the left is called NYX – Beauty School Dropout 101 in Nude and the one on the right is called NYX – Full Throttle in Color Riot.

I love them both so much! Especially the ‘Beauty School’ palette, that one is especially gorgeous for Christmas. It combines matte shadows with shimmer shadows, and it’s very warmed toned! I love it!

The ‘Full Throttle’ palette is more of a Fall inspired shadow palette, but I love the cranberry and gold shimmer shadow for Winter, even more, that’s why this palette is one of my favorite shadow palettes this Winter.


As you can see, the ‘Full Throttle’ palette has four colors, three of which are matte and one very sparkly shadow. I love the orange shadow so much and I wish I owned that palette in Fall time because I would have definitely overused it a lot.

But I didn’t. Now I’m overusing the cranberry color and the sparkly one. I do have to say though that the colors are a little bit patchy when you first apply, I find the brown shadow especially, but after packing on more color, the color is perfect.

The ‘Beauty School’ palette has six shadows, three of which are very sparkle, two of them not really matt, they have a bit of shine to it and one color that is truly matt. The color payoff with all of them is really good. I enjoy using this palette a lot.

And actually, I have been using it in my recent video:

What are your favorite eyeshadow palettes this Winter?

Tell me in the comments, I would love to know!

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