Moving into a new apartment

Hey my loves,

On Wednesday I talked a little bit about a new lifestyle change: I have moved out of my first apartment into a bigger space right across my old one. But why, you might ask?! Well, I needed a little bit more space and I desperately needed an office space. In the next coming weeks I will share some parts of my apartment with you, but for today I thought it would be fun to look at my old space, as well as give you a sneak peak of my new apartment and the process of getting it and renovating.

My Old Apartment

My old space had two rooms, a kitchen and one bathroom. It had a really decent space and for my very first apartment after moving out from home it was absolutely perfect and I have loved the four years I have lived there, but it was time for an upgrade. While I cherish all my memories and experiences I had in this apartment I was ready for a bit more space. Especially with this whole pandemic and spending so much time at home I realized that I needed a separate room for my office. I loved the fact that my old space had to rooms that were both around the same size and were big enough to fit all of my stuff. But as I grew older and more busy I realized I needed a bigger space.

My New Apartment

My new place has three rooms, a kitchen and one bathroom. And I am in love with this place. It is in the same neighborhood as my old space since I did not want to move away from my home base especially during a lockdown. It is a perfect space for me and has plenty of space for all of my things. I finally have a room dedicated to my office, which has made the biggest change in my day to day life. I think moving was the best decision I made in 2020 and I am super happy I was able to complete that chapter of my life at the end of 2020.

The Process

I started thinking about moving in early 2020, when the world was, well, normal, I guess… I had already looked at some places that were in a completely different city and also was going to look at some spaces in the city where I study, but then, well the world changed and I quickly realized that moving into a bigger city away from family was not an option I wanted to choose. But I still grew more and more unhappy in my old space, not only was I feeling like I couldn’t grow anymore, I also had some noise issues. So I figured, you know what, let’s look at bigger spaces in my home town. I was looking at places in different parts of the city when I saw a space that was right down the road from me.

The place I looked at was a top floor apartment and had to be renovated in order to be livable, it was a cute space but definitely not what I was looking for. But, while I was talking to my realtor I mentioned that I don’t really have a timeline for when I want to move and that it was important to me that it was a 3-bedroom space because I desperately need an office. She mentioned a neighbor of myself who was going to move out of a 3-bedroom apartment, but that it had to be fully renovated since it hadn’t been updated since the 70s or 80s, so it would take like three months or so before I could move in, after he moved out which was like a month away at that point (funny story: he actually moved into the 2-bedroom unit next to my old place).

Well, I went to my neighbor and asked if I could see the place because I was thinking of renting it and he let me. And I FELL IN LOVE. It was exactly what I wanted, not to big, but big enough, 3-bedroom and light and airy. I can watch the sunrise and sunsets and every room is so light. I immediately contacted my realtor and told her I wanted that place. Like I mentioned it was going to be around 4-5 months until I could move in, but I was okay with that. Well, things quite didn’t work out as planned. While I had planned for the move around August or September of 2020, because of delays for deliveries and corona rules the moved got pushed and pushed. I ended up getting the keys in the middle of November and started my least on December 1st. 

Those couple of months were the LONGEST, but worth it every wait. I can’t wait to share the space with you guys and create lots of memories here. Oh, and I can’t wait to throw a big housewarming, but that has to wait until Covid is over..

I hope you are happy, healthy and looking forward to all the good things of 2021.

XoXo, Jasmin.

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