Yet Another Banana Bread Recipe

Hey my loves,

so, it seems that everyone and their mother is baking banana bread during this quarantine time… I decided, you know what, it is time to hop on the band wagon and bake it myself. And honestly, I get why they even bake in the beginning. It is super relaxing; keeps your mind of the whole thing and you get to eat something somewhat healthy and delicious.

But here I am with limited products at home and a shit ton of brown bananas. No butter, not a lot of eggs left and no fancy adding’s like chocolate chips.

I also added a lot of cinnamon and I did two batches and to the second one I added 1/4 cup of cacao powder that I had left. You can always change the recipe around if you like. You can add nuts, chocolate chips or anything you think would taste amazing in it.

What are some of your favorite banana bread recipes? Let me know. I’m always down to try something new.

Enjoy, stay safe and stay healthy.

XoXo, Jasmin

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