How I reorganized my life

Hey my loves,

y’all the past few months have been absolutely insane and when it was all over I was totally lost. Not in the sense of what I wanted to do, but more like I felt my life was in so many pieces simply because my home felt extremely cluttered and left behind.

So not only did I decided to redo my apartment, but also clean out a lot of stuff. If you have missed my past entries I’ve written about my Living Room and Office Makeover. Check them out!

Now that everything is done I feel so calm and at peace. And all I did were 2 simple things. TWO! Can you believe it? Well, here’s what I did.


I decluttered my office area, my cellar, my kitchen and my wardrobe. I started by throwing out old College stuff I would never need anymore continued by a lot of papers that I will truly never look at. I then continued to just declutter all of the little office bits: I went through all of my pens and looked if they were still working and thrown the ones out that wouldn’t work.

I also put all my files in a pile so I could reorganize them later. I did the same thing with all of my College books which were laying all over my apartment. In my cellar I declutter all of the things I hold on to thinking I might need them one day, after three years I haven’t so they ended up in the trash. My kitchen was another decluttering task: I threw out and gave away some of my things that I never needed and also decluttered my pantry.

I then proceeded with my wardrobes. I had so many clothes I wasn’t even wearing or weren’t even fitting me anymore. I ended up with two and half bags of clothes that I gave to a friend who went through it and gave the rest to charity. One whole bag was trash, which I still can’t believe what my mindset there was, but well, it happened. I got rid of it. So nevermind?! Haha. xD


After decluttering I needed to organize all my stuff. I started off with organizing all of my files and the stuff I actually kept from College. I put them in folders where I labeled each thing as well as put them in my new office space. I then reorganized my book shelves and sorted them in categories and then again within these categories I sorted them alphabetically after author names (yeah, I know, I’m a little crazy).

I also reorganized my entire bathroom. For that I bought some dividers for my drawers, as well as a makeup storage from IKEA. I also reorganized my entire kitchen with the help of my auntie and some bits from IKEA. I bought several of the white boxes to organize my pantry, as well as some plate dividers.

I’m so in love with how my place is looking right now and I feel super ready to start a new chapter in my life in October. I can’t wait for all the things that are up for me.

Also, some super exciting news: As of this week I am officially an Everyday Role Model for My Need to Live. If you guys love my post and are interested what I do over there, head over to where soon a blog post from myself will go live. And if you’re looking for amazing deals check out their main website:

I hope you all have a wonderful day!

XoXo, Jasmin.

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