The Start of Something New

Hey my loves,

I’ve been hinting something for a while now and today is finally the day I am going to tell you why I have been so buys the past couple of weeks: I’m moving!

I’m super excited and very happy! So here’s a little backstory: About a year ago I was in the same point in my life as today,  but it didn’t work out because of a lot of things and I moved back home. So now, a year later and a lot more mature and way happier about the apartment that I’m going to live in, I finally decided it’s time for little 24-year old me to move out. I’m scared but my excitement is way bigger than that and it helps that I’m absolutely in love with my place.

I’m currently in the process of renovating and finding a couple of furniture pieces. But I wanted to share with you my little Pinterest Board I created whilst looking for inspiration for my own place.

I hope you enjoyed today’s little entry! If you did make sure to give it a thumbs up! I would really appreciate it!

I wish you all a wonderful day!

XoXo, Jasmin.


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