April Favorites – 2016

Hey my loves,

today I’m sharing my April Favorites with you, but let’s take a moment: how is it already May? I feel like the past few months just flew by like they were only a week long. April has been great to me, Uni has started again and I’m in full study-mode, with of course the exception I make for my little blog here. How was your April? Did anything great happen to you? What was your month like in one sentence?  Tell me in the comments. Okay, now onto my favorites for April. Here they are:


Alrighty, so my first favorite has to be my red checked shirt from ASOS. I loved this shirt from the moment I opened the package, it also made it into a few of my Instagram pictures. (If you aren’t already following me there, come over and say hey and be part of my Instagram fam. ^^)

Now onto my make-up loves this month: I freaking adore the Sleek MakeUp – Sunset Palette so much, I’ve been wearing it so much even though they aren’t necessarily day-to- day colors, but what can I say I love the colors so much that I have to experiment with them. Here is one look I created with it: Let there be light – Sunset Palette by Sleek MakeUp. I also love the Rimmel – Match Perfect Silk Loose Powder in Transparent! I have been using it for my under-eye area to bake (still sounds weird that term, doesn’t it?) and I love it a lot, it keeps my concealer in place and even brightens the area a little bit.

I also am a big fan of my MAC – Pro Longwear Concealer but here I have to hold myself back not to use it every single day, because I love it so much (MAC is expensive and I’m a student otherwise I would literally bath in MAC stuff :D ) The last thing I loved is one of my more recent buys, the Alverde – Shimmer Blush. That on the other hand is perfect for everday and you can even use the different colors as eyeshadows. Love it!

Let’s move on to my skincare favorites this month. As you now I recently did a entry about my skincare, check it out here: My Skin Care Routine – Spring/Summer 2016 and I talked about one of the two products the Cattier – Green Clay Mask and it became and still is a huge favorite of mine. I will go in depth in a soon coming review. The other product is a spot treatment by the drugstore brand Alverde, I used it every morning and it helped a lot with my breakouts even more than the Clinique Anti-Blemish Solution.

The last two items I photographed with my other favorites are a book by Chris Carter which is called ‘The Executioner’ and my trusty list book by Happy Jackson. I love the sticky notes and the color of this notepad so much! If you love making lists you have to get one for yourself. Also check out their other stuff it’s super cute! About the book I will write a review in the near future, but that it is in my favorites should tell you a lot!

I’ve been loving to watch Supernatural on Netflix. I started off again with the first season and I love it so much! I’ve been crying and laughing and sometimes even both at the same time. (If you watch it, can you remember the episode where Dean is afraid of everything and they are in this factory and he screams because of that cat? I’ve watch that scene about 10 times because I laughed so much!) And I also loved two movies this month. First up is The Boss with Melissa McCarthy (love her!) and Kristen Bell (duh!). I laughed a lot in this movie, you have to watch it. Another favorite is Get a Job! I loved the message the film brought to their viewers and the cast is just on point! I love Miles Teller and Anna Kendrick a lot! You definitely have to watch this movie! It will cheer you up and gives you a great perspective on life!

Last but not least as always my favorites playlist of the month:

I hope you liked this entry! If you did make sure to give it a thumbs up and tell me some of your favorites this month!

I wish you all a wonderful day!

XoXo, Jasmin.


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