10 Places I want to visit

Hey my loves,

today I wanted to share with you ten places I want to visit in my lifetime. That list always gets longer, I guess you know how that is, but I thought I shorten the list to my top 10. So here they are:

ROME, Italy


Rome always has been one this list for a long time, I’d been a huge fan of Lizzie McGuire and ever since they filmed the movie in Rome I wanted to go. But I also want to go because of the historic buildings, the food and the people.



NYC just has to be on my list, I mean come on it’s the City that never sleeps. I always wanted to go there and it probably will be the first city of many in the US I’m going to visit at some point of my life. I want to go shopping, sight seeing and enjoy the culture.

LOS ANGELES, California


Los Angeles, the City of Angels, has been on my list for a long time as well, but out of so many different reasons. First, because clearly the movie scene and all, and then because of a movie, Speed – loved that movie, I’m a big Sandra Bullock fan – and of course because of everything else that LA has to offer.

Brighton, United Kingdom


The lanes, the beach huts, the beach, Brighton pier and because I really enjoy watching the channels of Zoella and Pointless Blog aka. Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes. Those are the reasons I want to visit Brighton.

LONDON, United Kingdom


I already have been in London in 2012, but I went with my former History class so it wasn’t really on my own. And because I’ve experienced London before I already fell in love and want to go back and explore more.

NEW ORLEANS, Louisiana

new orleans.jpg

There are a couple of reasons why I want to visit New Orleans, many of them involve the beautiful parts of the city, especially the French Quarter and I really want to be there when it’s Mardi Gras.



I really just want to see the Golden Gate Bridge in real life and wander around the area where they filmed Full House. And I really want to ride in one of those Cable Cars.


loch ness


For Loch Ness I just have to say one thing: Loch Ness Monster! There isn’t really much more to say than that! And Edinburgh just recently got onto my list! I was browsing the web and came across a picture I used above and I thought it looked really interesting and since then I fell in love with it and want to go there so bad!



Venice is one of the places I really want to see, because it’s just stunning and I really want to go onto one of those gondolas.

SAFARI, South Africa


This has been on my list for a long, long time. This was a big dream of my grandpa to go onto a Safari, sadly he never got to fulfill his dream, so I want to go for him instead. And also South Africa is in my opinion one of the prettiest countries in the world.

What are the places you want to visit? Tell me in the comments. And also have you ever been to one of those place or even live there? Then tell me in the comments as well.

I wish you all a wonderful day!

XoXo, Jasmin.


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