February Favorites – 2016

Hey my loves,

today I’m sharing my February favorites with you. What a month, let me tell you, I was so busy with Uni work I barely had the chance to wear make-up or do anything, but I loved it and I think my skin did enjoy a make-up free time as well. Nonetheless I do have some beauty related favorites and one hair product that I loved, but other than that I’m going to share the movies I’ve seen and the TV shows I’ve watch, two of my most used apps this month and, of course, as always my monthly music favorites. So here they are:

Beauty Favorites


Maybelline – Fit Me Foundation in 120 & Maybelline – Fit Me Concealer in 15

I love this foundation especially in the winter time, and it’s getting not really warmer here where I live, so I can still use it! I love the coverage and the formula is lovely! I am in love with the concealer, it’s my go to under-eye concealer, hence why it’s a little lighter than my foundation! It stays on so extremely good and has a really good coverage! If you haven’t tried these products you have to give them a go, they’re amazing!

Nivea Men – After Shave Balsam Sensitive


Yes, a man’s product is one of my favorites! I freaking love this stuff! I use it as a primer underneath my foundation! I watch a lot of YouTube and one of the Beauty Gurus (NikkieTutorials) swears on this and I can only support that! Your make-up will stay on the whole day and you won’t need a whole lot of product! I love it!

Garnier – Micellar Cleansing Wipes

cleansing wipes.jpg

They are amazing as a first step of removing your make-up and they’re really gentle on your skin! I love this product a lot! And what I like about them the most is their smell, even with no fragrance in them, they smell very nice! If you’re on the lookout for new cleansing wipes definitely give them a try!

OGX – Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco – Penetrating Oil

argan oil.jpeg

This hair oil is amazing! You only have to use such a small amount and it gives your hair-ends a healthy looking shine! And after using it regularly it helps to strengthen your hair and definitely creates a very soft look! I love it!


My most used apps this month



Since I had to read a lot for my Uni work I didn’t really felt like reading myself on my free time, so I decided it’s time to give Audible a try. And I love it! I’ve been listening to one audio book (Sebastian Fitzek – Das Joshua Profil) and it’s so relaxing just to lay in bed with (or without) headphones and close your eyes and listen! If you’re not sure if audio books are for you, do what I’ve done, use the one month free trial. If you like it, you can continue, if not, you can cancel your trial. Give it a go!



I think Instagram is one of my favorites social media apps, whenever I need inspiration or distraction, I’m on there! I love seeing what other people post or watch those short videos of cute cats and dogs! I really enjoy it! And I usually post one pictures per day, so if you haven’t already why don’t you join the gang and follow me: TheDawnOfInspiration


Movies & TV Shows I’ve seen (and loved)

Needless to say I love Deadpool! OMG that movie was so freaking hilarious! Ryan Reynolds definitely made up for the Green Hornet! A friend and I watched the movie a day or two after it was released, and we laughed our butts off! Super funny & sarcastic! Right up my ally! You have to watch it!

Spotlight was crazy emotional! So horrible what happened and that the church basically covers it all up! If you’re into documentary style and true story movies you have to see this one! The actors are amazing, especially Michael Keaton and Mark Ruffalo! The whole movie deserves all their Oscar nominations!

Ratter was freaky! I love, love Ashley Benson ever since Bring it On, but I think this movie was one of her best performances yet (except maybe her portrayal as Hanna Marin in Pretty Little Liars)! This movie scared me, not because of the intensity of the unknown, but because it literally could happen! We are all so connected through our technical stuff and it is so easy to get to know everything about somebody these days! I would really recommend to watch this movie! I love it!

Lucifer is a new series that I started to watch this month! I really enjoy it so far, but there are only a few episodes out, so I am very excited to see what comes next!

2 Broke Girls is one of my all time favorites to watch! I never got passed watching Season 3, so this month I started in the beginning, and I am already in Season 4 and love it even more! I love Max’s sarcastic humor so much!

The Walking Dead just recently became one of my favorites! When TWD first came out I never really enjoyed watching it, but after finishing The Mentalist, I thought, I would give the show another trial. And as you probably figured: I’m in love! It’s became one of my favorites about mid Season 2 and I even liked it more towards the end of Season 3! Michonne and Rick are my favorite characters! The other day I talked with a friend about the show and we both said that Michonne is our spirit animal! It’s the sword, guys! It’s so badass!


Music Favorites

What were your favorites in February? Tell me in the comments. I would love to know!

I wish you all a wonderful day!

XoXo, Jasmin.


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