KIKO MILANO – Make-Up Haul – January 2016

Hey my loves,

today I am sharing with you the products I bought about a week ago from KIKO Milano. I needed a new concealer and I wanted to try something new and because there was a 50% off sale I bought some more goodies. Here they are:


Universal Fit – Hydrating Foundation in WB30


I have to admit I had high hope for this foundation. But, was kind of disappointed by it. The coverage isn’t nearly close to medium-high coverage, though it blends well into the skin, but I’m still not a big fan. However, I’m currently mixing it unter the Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and it gives my skin a great glow to it, also it works good as a primer, but I definitely would not recommend this foundation if you are looking for good coverage. You can buy it here: Hydrating Fluid Foundation

Rebel Bouncy Blush in 03 Treasure Rose


I love this blush! It’s such a lovely formula and blends amazing and you can build up the color so great. It’s definitely a mat-satin finish and the consistency is very interesting, it’s a cream-ish consistency but transforms into a powder that looks glowing, it’s absolutely amazing! The swatch I did was just one stroke of the blush. I love it!

Cream Crush – Lasting Colour Eyeshadow in 03 Mat Light Mahogany


Another amazing product, I wasn’t really expecting this! Once applied you have to blend it right away, because once it’s on IT’S ON, trust me. It’s very long lasting and intense in color! I love it as a base for eyeshadows as well on it’s own! You have to give it a try, you can buy it here: Cream Eyeshadow – Cream Crush

Dark Circle – Concealer in 02 Peach and Dark Circle – Tone Eraser in 02 Orange


Those two concealers work great together, not so good with a combination of other concealers. I would suggest using the orange tone eraser before even using foundation and then after foundation apply a little bit of the concealer. You really don’t need much, I try to use about a half pump of each, but the pumper is really hard to control like that, so I usually end up with more product then I need. But for the under-eye area those products are great, they don’t smudge, if set with a translucent powder and are easy to blend. You can buy them here: Tone Eraser & Concealer

Smart Lipstick in 935 Dark Chocolate


Normally I absolutely love the lipstick from KIKO, but this one was quite disappointing at the first use. It applied very flaky and the color pay off wasn’t what I was expecting from it (every other lipstick I own from KIKO always has a great color pay off and applies smoothly). To be opaque it needs more than one appliance and it wears of really fast, though I noticed if you set it with some translucent powder (hold tissue paper over your lips and lightly dust it on) it stays on a lot longer. The color on itself is pretty and in combination with a lipliner you don’t need to apply to much of it. If you want to give this lipstick a go, you can buy it here: Smart Lipstick

Nail Lacquer in 318 Light Mauve


I wasn’t yet able to try this nail polish, but the color looks amazing! I need to wait until my nails are healthy enough again, don’t know what has been going on with them, but they break so fast lately and are the shortest ever. If you want to give this nail polish a try, you can buy it here: Nail Lacquer

I hope you enjoyed this entry! Let me know in the comments what you think of these products. Do you own any of them and have a different opinion? Let me know.

I wish you all a wonderful day!

XoXo, Jasmin.


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