Bedroom Make Over – Summertime Edition

Hey my loves,

today I am going to share with you guys my ideas on how to lighten up your bedroom for the summer time. Now that I am going to move in a couple of weeks I am spending more and more time looking on how to make my bed cute and summer fresh, especially because I’m moving into a one-room apartment. Just click on the pictures to be referred to the site of the products. Want to know my ideas? Then keep on reading.

Fresh and cool toned new sheets

Percale Venice Set in Powder (199$)
Percale Venice Set in Powder (199$)

Want to know why I have chosen this set? Well, Parachute Home is partnered up with Nothing But Nets and for every Venice Set sold they are sending one life-saving bed net to those in need. So not only do you buy a super cool looking set but you’re helping others with it. Also bringing a fresh and cool toned color into your bed room helps to keep it clean and also lightweight.

Bring in Dimension for the Day-Time

Linen Decorative Pillow (99$)
Linen Decorative Pillow (99$)
Striped Cashmere Throw (299§)
Striped Cashmere Throw (299§)

During the daytime I always try to make my bed looking fresh and cute, so I usually throw on some decorative pillows and a throw. The throw just halfway up so that my bedding is still visible. Also if it is too hot for your duvet you can always use the throw.


Light up

Himalayan Light - Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp (20$)
Himalayan Light – Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp (20$)
Lavender Scented Candle (24$)
Lavender Scented Candle (24$)

I always tend to stay awake way to late during the summer time, sometimes even so long that natural lighting isn’t bringing enough light in for me to enjoy my summer reading list (yes, I have such a thing). So use a night stand lamp and some scented candles, which not only give you some light, but also are making the room smell nice. And I read somewhere that lavender helps to relax, but I could be wrong. (Just kidding, pretty sure about that actually!)


Notebook and Books

Rustic Bird Theme Journal 33$)
Rustic Bird Theme Journal (33$)
Paula Hawkins - The Girl on the Train (15$)
Paula Hawkins – The Girl on the Train (15$)

Staying up late usually means more hours to the day, which means to me finally time for some reading and also writing! I usually write down blog ideas or anything that comes to my mind. And as you might now I just finished up “The Girl on the Train” and fairly enjoyed it, here’s my entry about it: The Girl on the Train – Paula Hawkins – Book of the Month June

Amazon also has a site called “Best Books of the Month” for different genres giving you a diverse selection of books. It’s always worth checking that out.

Did you like this entry? Then please make sure to give it a thumbs up I would really appreciate it. Feel free to share it as well. And also tell me in the comments what your favorite thing to do is during summer nights (except for sleeping of course).

I wish you all a wonderful start in your weekend!

XoXo, Jasmin.


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