Living Change – Starting 2015

It’s December. Christmas is over, and there is little time left until the year of 2015 begins. This time of the year – if you let it – can make you quite introspective; the media do reviews of the past year, of what happened in the world during the last twelve months, which important people have died, what crises the earth had to face, and what joyous moments we were able to share.

Observing that, you cannot help but automatically review the year you yourself had. However, your review is different because all you can really review is YOUR own perception of what happened, to you and others around you. Did you look back already? Was it a good year for you? Was it bad? Was it both? Did you lose anyone? Did you gain new friends, new acquaintances, or new perspectives?

Inevitably, in one whole year a lot of things change and that, inadvertently, changes you in turn. These changes always go both ways – good and bad; only if you think that nothing has changed at all, you are either wrong because the changes are the type that you cannot see unless you look closely, or, objectively, you have not had a very good year.

Change is what keeps us alive, up and moving. If everything always stayed the same, there would be no point in anything. And sometimes we even feel the active need to change, which led us to the tradition of the New Year’s resolutions.

There are the usual ones (lose weight, work out more, eat healthier, stop smoking, be more open to new stuff, do things you have been delaying forever and ever) I’m sure most of you have had at one point or another. I sure had some of these. Now, if you ask me, I don’t think the New Year’s resolutions are different from any other resolutions we decide on over the course of the year. This transition zone from one year to the next invites the will to change, but that alone obviously won’t cut it: you have to actively work for your resolutions to come true. They don’t fulfill themselves, YOU fulfill them.

So, review your year. What changed? Did you like the changes? If not, why? How many of these changes were directly caused by you? How many things were changed because of your New Year’s resolution? Not many, I would guess, judging from my own experience.

Now, I’m not advocating getting rid of that New Year’s Eve tradition. I’m just saying that if you want to change, change. Do not depend on the new year for that – time flies, and before you know it there will be another new year, and another one, and another one. Procrastination does not help anybody. It’s not like you can stop time from passing, and in all honesty, I am scared shitless when facing change sometimes, but because I know I need it, I go through with it anyway.

Hence, if you do feel like you need to make a New Year’s resolution, let it be this one: If there are aspects in your life that you feel you need to change, change them. The important bit is, you need to want the change, not anybody else. If for instance one of your friends tells you that you “need to get out more” and you yourself don’t really want to get out more, you should think twice about whether to actually do it.

You set the pace of your own life. Have a successful, happy year of 2015.

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Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. – George Bernard Shaw


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