Make Up Haul – December 2014

Hey my loves,

for Christmas this year I treated myself with some new stuff from Elf Cosmetics. I thought I share with you what I got and give you a little review on those products.

Baked Bronzer in St.Lucia and Baked Blush in Rich Rose

The first two things were the new baked products. When I tried to swatch them with my fingers onto the back of my hand I was a little disappointed, because they kind of didn’t transfer at all. But later that day I used them with a brush to apply directly on my face and they are beautiful. The color transfer is still not the best, but you can build it up. The bronzer though has a slight orange undertone, and if you don’t like that you should not be getting it. But what I have to say now is, that I wore those two products for about 4 hours and they still look good. So thumbs up for that.

Baked Products

Shimmer Lipgloss in Love

Okay, the first thing I have to say is: I am not the most biggest fan of lip glosses, because I just don’t like the stickiness of them. But oh my holy make up god, does this lip gloss smell good. I opened it and it’s almost embarrassing to say but I smelt it for a good minute or two. SO GOOD! The color is amazing and I wore it with a lipliner underneath it and the lip gloss stayed pretty good I have to admit. I really love this color for the winter time and the shimmer in it is not too much. Big big thumbs up!


White Nail Polish

Okay, my first time trying out a white nail polish. I was amazed that I just needed two coats of it that I have to say, but a day later after putting it on it has already chipped and looks not greadt. So maybe, a tip of me, put a nail base under it and use a top coat. Both of which I did not do (stupid me!), but still I have a lot of nail polishes that still wouldn’t split that easy, so that’s a big minus for the E.L.F. one, though I really loved the fact that I didn’t needed more than two layers.

Nail Polish2

If you have or plan on buying those products let me know what you think about them! Tweet me! I wish you all a wonderful day!

Xoxo, Jasmin.


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