Hair Color Change – Fall Edition

Hey my loves,

about two and a half weeks ago I changed my hair color for a warmer based color. And I thought because I did one part of it with the help of a friend, I share with you my steps on how I changed my color. Also it was about time to get a hair cut as well. I hope you enjoy!

The Before

As you can see in those two pictures my hair tips were very unhealthy and also I had quite a large hairline with my natural colour. In the picture on the left (though it’s quite yellow) you can see it was quite on the blonde site.

The Steps

I wanted to go for a darker almost brownish blonde color for fall, not only because I wanted something warmer, but also it will last longer as a colour in my hair. I chose the base colour “Hazelnut Blonde” from L’OrΓ©al Excellence Creme. And a friend of mine put the color in my hair. She started at my roots and worked her way down. This is the product:

The Result of the Base Coloring

It started getting very dark after 15 to 20 minutes so we washed it out. The result on that evening was quite dark, it looked like this:

The Second Day

The next day I washed it again and the highlights started to show through, which I wanted to emphasize. Here is the hair the day after the base coloring.

The After

Because I needed a cut and wanted some more blonde highlights I went to my hair dresser. She put the highlights just on the very top. This was the final look.


It is still blonde but with a warmer under tone and I absolutely love it. In person it is quite a lot darker than on pictures, but I really like the effect of the highlights.

I wish you all a wonderful day and may you be as happy as I am with my hair.

Xoxo, Jasmin.


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