DIY – Hair Color

Hey my loves,
a couple of days ago I dyed the hair from one of my friends! You might know her, because she’s the lovely editor of some of the Motivational Monday entries. Because what we did was quite special she agreed to let me share the steps and photos with you! If you want to follow her go check out her Twitter account: OriginalSGreenD
The plan for her hair was to dye it red with some caramel highlights! So here are the steps I took to create her finished look! We choosed those two colors, 688 intensive red and 755 dark gold blonde:

Schwarzkop - Nectra Color
Schwarzkop – Nectra Color

First Step:
Mix the hair colors. And then comb your hair through and divide it to three equal parts. One part at the back and one part of each side of the head.
left - dark gold blonde; right - intensive red
left – dark gold blonde; right – intensive red

Second Step:
Because the highlights are on her top hair, I divided her hair into two equal parts.So that I had the upper hair, where the highlights went in and the lower hair, where the hair was just going to be red.

Third Step:
I prepared beforehand a few foils to put the lighter highlights in. Then I took a strand of hair and sectioned off some hair. I put the foil under the hair I wanted to highlight and started to color them. After I finished coloring the strand of hair I wrapped foil around it. After coloring all highlight strands of hair her head looked like that:

after putting the highlight color in
after putting the highlight color in

Fourth Step:
Then I just went ahead and put the intensive red color on her rest hair. We left the upper hair in for 45 minutes and the red for 30 minutes. (It took me about 15 minutes to put the highlights in).

Fifth and final Step:
We washed the red dye out first and then the highlight strands of hair. I took the conditioner that was with the coloring set and washed her hair with it.
This was the final look:
My Photo Stream

I hope you like her new hair as much as I do. And if you recreate the look feel free to tweet them to me! (The Dawn Of Inspiration Twitter) I wish you all a wonderful day!
Xoxo, Jasmin.


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