Motivational Monday – Run Fatboy Run

Run Fatboy Run

For all you movie nerds out there, and the rest of you, too, this Motivational Monday I’m presenting you one of the best films in history that will make you want to pick yourself up off the ground and do something. “Run Fatboy Run” is a comedy from the year 2007, directed by David Schwimmer, whom you probably all know from playing Ross on “Friends”, that stars Simon Pegg as Dennis Doyle, a Brit who has failed at pretty much everything he touched in his life. To prove to his ex-girlfriend (Thandie Newton) and the son he has with her that he is not the loser everybody thinks he is, Dennis decides to run a marathon in London, fueled to succeed by his best friend Gordon (Dylan Moran), who has placed bets on Dennis and is therefore quite invested in making Dennis fit for the challenge. Sure, the title “Run Fatboy Run” sounds fatuous when you first hear it, but once you get past the Forrest Gump-inspired silliness, you discover the beauty and life-affirming attitude of this movie. Dennis runs the marathon, he hurts himself right at the start, and he still pulls through. At one point, he hits The Wall. The Wall that makes him want to stop because he cannot go any further, because a) he is physically exhausted beyond anything he has experienced before, and b) Dennis is a quitter. He ran away from the wedding with his ex-girlfriend, as he ran away from everything else that proved to be of any challenge or responsibility. In the end, Dennis breaks through the wall and finishes the marathon. And I, myself a movie-nerd for life, have never seen a scene so inspiring as the scene where Dennis faces all his past failures and retreats and makes the conscious decision to not be that person anymore. We all know this Wall. We have all hit it at some point or another. Let Dennis Doyle be our role model for today: Think of something you haven’t had the guts to do, because you shied away from responsibility or effort or conflict (and I am sure, no, I KNOW we all have this thing), and do it. Break through the Wall. Don’t be a quitter.

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” Thomas Edison

Love, Miri
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